Code: ACR-TS

Drywite Starch Testing Strips

Drywite Starch Testing Strips are designed to test the sugar content, and by virtue the starch content within the potato prior to frying. The test strips provide a colour scale range to indicate the ‘acceptability’ of the chosen potato.

The greater the sugar content the darker the chip will fry/cook as the sugar will caramelise at the high temperatures.

The test strip indicates:

  • if potatoes can be used as they are,
  • if potatoes could be acceptable with treatment using All Seasons or Starch Doctor,
  • and if the sugar content of the potato is too high for frying purposes.

Testing is easy, simply cut the potato in half, sandwich the test strip between the two halves and hold together for 5-10 seconds to fully wet the test pad on the strip.

The pad will change colour to indicate the level of starch within the potato which can be compared to the reference colour chart on the test strip container to assess suitability.