Code: DSD-25

Drywite Starch Doctor

Drywite Starch Doctor is a powder-based product, which can be used to provide an extended shelf life of 3-4 days on peeled potatoes.

Its primary purpose is to control the excess starch and sugar levels that can be present in potatoes, thereby reducing caramelisation in the cooking medium, which in turn prevents dark fried potatoes.

This product is also used in the process of blanching potatoes to prevent the darkening / grey colour that can occur when par-cooked potatoes cool prior to the end cooking process.

The blanching treatment should allow potatoes a 5-day shelf life in refrigerated conditions.

  • Dose guide: 5 grams per litre for preserving / 3 grams per litre if the potatoes will be blanched following the treatment
  • Dwell guide: 4 minutes for peeled whole potatoes, 90 seconds for chips and wedges

Blanching process:

  1. 3-4 minutes in boiling water or 130-140C in an oil fryer
  2. Remove and cool the potatoes down as fast as possible to prevent further cooking
  • Available in 25kg containers
  • Measurable by conductivity