Code: DWPP-25

Drywite Pioneer Potato Preparation

Our high-performance Pioneer Potato Preparation has been specially formulated to provide 7 days shelf life on peeled whole potatoes, wedges, and chips.

Potatoes treated with Pioneer also benefit from low sulphite residue retention – below declaration levels when treated in line with our dosing guidelines meaning that your potatoes can be packed and supplied with NO LABELLING REQUIREMENT in relation to allergens.

Pioneer Potato Preparation is also the answer for producers looking to reduce the level of their current sulphite odours in the atmosphere within the process working environment making for a healthier work place all round.

  • Dose guide: 5 grams per litre
  • Dwell guide: 4 minutes for whole peeled potatoes 90 seconds for chips and wedges
  • Available in 25kg containers
  • Measurable by conductivity